Covid-19 Safety Protocols!

We’re doing everything we can to keep you safe this year! That includes, unfortunately, cancelling our annual bluegrass festival (some attendees pictured here). Read below to be in the know! Please feel free to call with any questions!
  • Masks are required by all employees at all times (even outside) except while on break. All employees must comply with daily health and wellness checks, temperature scans, and symptom reporting, and remain 6′ apart at all times when possible. Masks and gloves are worn as necessary. Access to Covid-19 testing is provided to all employees.
  • Customers must wear a mask at all times while in the farm store.
  • If a customer is in the dining room, they do not have to wear a mask while eating, but must wear their mask while exiting and entering.
  • Customers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer (offered in several locations throughout premises)
  • Customers must follow all directional, one way signage
  • Customers must be aware of items such dirty/sanitized picking wagon and buckets and use only clean items.
  • Customers understand that they may use the playground and portapotties at their own risk and that these places are not sanitized by staff (there will be spray bottles for DIY). Customers understand that the restroom is cleaned daily, but not after each use.
  • Only 5 people are allowed in the store at one time.
  • The dining room is open, at half capacity.
  • There is now extra outdoor seating (tented & with umbrellas)
  • We have an ONLINE STORE and you can also ORDER FOOD ONLINE and you can purchase literally anything at Apple Acres by using these online tools without having to have contact with us! We will bring your items to the curbside tent. For food, you can call when you arrive, and we will bring it out to you!
  • All produce is pre-priced so that there is no weighing, and the prices are rounded so that coins are not used.
  • Sales tax is now included in the rounded price of all items, so items will be slightly more expensive, or less expensive, than before, but that is because of sales tax. We have rounded all prices to the nearest dollar.
  • We ask that you have patience with our team as we try our best to accommodate all the changes. You may want to plan for extra time at the orchard due to lines to get into the store or to purchase apples. We highly encourage purchasing items using our online system!