Our Fruit

We have over 15 varieties of apples! Our organic apples are available pre-picked or for pick-your-own, and we have several non organic varieties pre-picked as well.

Our varieties include:

Honeycrisp (non-organic, pre picked)

Macintosh (organic, you-pick or pre-picked)

Cortland (organic, you-pick or pre-picked)

Macoun (organic, you-pick or pre-picked)

Northern Spy (pick your own only)

Jonagold (none available for 2019! Porcupine Damage!)

Ginger Gold (pre-picked non organic only)

Paula Red (organic pick your own or pre-picked)

Spencer (organic pick your own only)

Organic Bartlett Pears and Reliance & Contender Peaches are also available for pick-your-own and pre-picked. Peaches are available until mid September, Pears are available until late September (sold out for 2019 though!)

and many more planted and arriving in the next few years: Sansa, Golden Russet, Franklin, Snow Sweet, Zestar, Ashmead Kernel, Kingston Black and more!


We are a certified organic fruit farm. All of our pick-your-own is organic. We do bring in non-organic apples, pumpkins and squash from sister farms to give folks as much variety as possible. We do press cider, but our cider is not organic! Thank you for your interest and support!