A Six Acre Organic Pick-Your-Own fruit farm

Apple Acres Farm

Apple Acres Farm is southern Maine’s certified organic pick your own. We also have a beautiful ‘treehouse’ dining room offering farm to table lunch and homemade desserts. Our farm store features over 100 maine made products, fudge, cider donuts, pies, and gifts.  Plus there’s a playground for the kids! We are nestled in the pine forest foothills of southwestern Maine, only a 45 minute drive from coastal Portland, or North Conway & Mount Washington. We host weddings, school programs, event rentals, as well as our annual bluegrass and bbq festival, and more! Orchards have blossomed here for over a century, and our family has worked the land since 1949.

the history of our farm

Our Pledge to You

We care about our ecosystem and the health and happiness of our community. We believe that we are a part of nature, and that fighting nature is a fight against ourselves.

Our orchards are engaged in an exiciting transitional process, and we are officially certified organic now. We focus on soil health and nutritional density, using hollistic sprays such as seaweed powder, fish oil, and herbal teas in addition to traditional organic sprays that are biologically derived. Our long term goal is to replant the orchards with many varieties of fruit, in the meantime we raise four varieties of pick your own apples, as well as peaches, pears, blueberries and raspberries. We are one of the only organic pick your own orchards in New England, it is a very difficult endeavor! There will be some ugly fruit, but plenty of beautiful fruit as well, and we are committed to education and are happy to talk with you about our farm and our journey. Please also join us for on site events such as our music series, in our farm to table restaurant, or consider tying the knot with an Apple Acres wedding! We love sharing our home with you.