Why I Am An Apprentice

Hello, Apple Acres friends and fam! I’m Caitlin and I come here from Rochester NY, fresh off 3 years of working as a public radio reporter and host in my hometown. So what does that have to do with farming? Well, nothing. You might have noticed the news cycle is exhausting and you know what’s worse? Working news on the weekends. That’s not to say I’m not still obsessed with all things public radio (I force my roommate/apprentice mate to listen to more Maine Public than I think she’d ever want to) but I started to feel myself resenting my job and wanted to step away from the role for a bit and process my role in audio and journalism.

So why farming? Well, I’ve always been interested in agriculture and organic farming, but it’s always taken a back seat to pursuing my radio career. From a mom who gardens, to a college elective in organic farming, it still lingered throughout my life. I cultivated a bit of a reputation at my radio station as being the person who would always take on the outdoorsy and agriculture centered stories and jumped at any press release that took me to a farm.

Working in an industry like journalism, food becomes second to writing, hosting and catching a story. I found myself ordering out a lot, grabbing prepared food on the way home or skipping meals because of my busy lifestyle. And as a journalist, when I have an interest in something I tend to dive deep. So instead of starting a garden, maybe getting a community garden plot or joining a CSA, I quit my job to learn how to farm full time. Or at least until November.

Follow my journey as well as Jojo’s, who is currently on her bed across the room from me in the studio apartment we share on the farm. The stories of 2 girls in their 20s with absolutely no farm experience lie ahead.

– Caitlin