Driving Tractors and Other Things I Never Thought I Would Do

We’re now a month into this experiment, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my routines and role on the farm. But little did I know that on day 2, Bill would be teaching us how to drive the 1950s ford tractor, one of 2 tractors at Apple Acres.

Now let me tell you, I drive a tiiiiiny Toyota Yaris. I can park anywhere. And I’m not good with big cars – let alone giant farm machinery. Also, both tractors are standard, another thing I’ve never driven before.

Jojo and I have kind of a running joke that we’ll scream less when we do farm work. It’s hard, between using table saws, nail guns and of course driving the tractor – I find myself scared like 90% of my workday.

But there is something empowering about accomplishing something 3 minutes ago you really didn’t think you were going to come out on the other side of. It’s a sort of living in the present and pushing myself that I didn’t experience a lot of when I was working in an office under fluorescent lights all day. and even though I might have instinctually closed my eyes the first time I shot the nail gun into a floorboard, now my eyes are wide open.

– Caitlin